Keep You Hanging On For Book 2

For the past week and a half I have had a barrage of reviews, comments, and emails in regards to Deadly Deception's ending. Let me clear the cliffhanger air.

There will be a second book. Deadly Revelation will tie up all those loose ends and create new ones for a third book, which will be a standalone novel. Deadly Revelation is the conclusion of Anne and Adam's journey, their dysfunctional happily ever after. 

I promise, promise, promise I would never finish a book without a proper conclusion. I am one of those people who need closure and I would never do that to my readers. Ever. Please be patient with me. Deadly Revelation's manuscript is in Montlake Romance's hands as I type this. 

I will be posting excerpts here. 

Let me quickly address the personal emails I have received from readers. Some have been cordial and I have responded to those. Others have been vicious, cruel, and combative. I will not engage in an argument. I respect each and every person's opinion and those have been evident in the reviews, I do not need an angry email riddled with curse words and harsh statements. 

I understand emotional reactions. I have them too. But please keep in mind that I am a homeschool mom and when I am schooling my son those emails pop up on the screen and are visible to my child. Please keep in mind that I'm a human being and statements of hatred sting and hurt. Please keep in mind that a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into Deadly Deception. My team at Montlake Romance put a lot of hard work into it. My editor did a phenomenal job. 

Please know that your comments and feedback have been noted and I've learned from them and have grown as a writer. 

Thank you everyone who has purchased Deadly Deception and again, I promise, I won't leave you hanging forever, but hang in there with me just a little bit longer. Deadly Revelation won't disappoint.

With Love,


  1. Told you quite a while back that I am buckled in and ready for the ride. You know I loved Deadly Deception AND its cliffhanger ending! I am anxiously awaiting Deadly Revelation and I know it will be amazing!

  2. Just read Deadly Deception...straight through, without stopping. LOVED it! You did a great job! Anyone who says otherwise doesn't know what they are talking about. I'll be waiting, rather impatiently, for Deadly Revelation! Can't wait!!!! :-)

    1. Thank you so very much! I'm thrilled you loved it. Your words have made my day! xxoo